About Us

Hi, I am a member of Ecsc2011.eu We work as a team to develop this website and our company. We have been helping several chess students to learn the game in an easy way. We were assisting and teach them for more than five years. Being a teacher and professional chess player since 1990, I got the opportunity to help players from different countries through Ecsc2011.eu. We formed a group and decided to launch this website to reach people who do not know our service. Hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Our blog is written and updated by some of our famous chess players. We are about twenty members of our team. We enjoy working with students of all age groups. We can improve our skills as well as help other people to develop their chess skills. Please contact us if you have any comments or doubts. We do not charge for teaching the students. We wanted to help talented children and decided to teach chess game for free of cost.