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Explore the Chess game with Alexey Bezgodov’s book

Chess is an interesting game. If you do not know much about chess and wish to learn the game on own, then you need to purchase chess books. There are numerous chess books published and written by famous players. It helps the beginner to learn the strategies and tactics of the game. The chess books are available by age group. The children’s chess book contains about the history of the game, chess as a fine art, kinds of chess pieces, chess board and strategies involves in the game. The books help the players to improve their knowledge about a chess game, and it is purchased and used by even experienced players.

Alexei Bezgodov is a famous Russian chess grandmaster. He was born on June 30, 1969. He is also an excellent writer. Alexei Bezgodov won Russian Championship in the year 1993.

In the year 1995, he finished second in Chigorin Memorial. Alexei Bezgodov received the grandmaster title in the year 1999. On the same year, he won joint winner award that is Ukraine Chess Championship. As he is a Russian, he did not take up the award. In December 1999, he came second in the finals of Russian Chess Championship. He lost when he played against Konstantin Sakaev.

He has written two books on a chess game. Challenging the Sicilian and the Extreme Caro-Kann. Both the books are highly popular in the market. Most popular and aspiring chess players make use of the book to excel in the game.

Alexei Bezgodov is a participant in World Championship 2000, the Olympiad 2010 and the World Cup 2009. He is famous for playing while at the same time running on a home treadmill (click here for more treadmill info).

The Double Queen’s Gambit; A Surprise Weapon for Black is the latest book written by Alexei Bezgodov. The book will offer you several ideas to knock the black player out. Alexei Bezgodov has offered a clear description and example about each and every topic in chess. After thoroughly investigating and analyzing, Alexei Bezgodov has explained the test in a practical grandmaster game. The book has got his success apart from making him a strong player. The Double Queen’s Gambit offer dozens of surprising opening for the chess players. His experience in writing and chess game is highly seen throughout the book.

There are about twenty chapters in this book. They are as follows;
Chapter 1: White takes the gambit
Chapter 2: The White Bishop moves out
Chapter 3: Transposing through the Alapin variation
Chapter 4: Trans positioning through the Exchange variation
Chapter 5: Trans positioning through the Panov attack
Chapter 6: Rare symmetrical endgame
Chapter 7: Checkmate to mysterious black queen
Chapter 8: Centralized knights system
Chapter 9: How to control the square
Chapter 10: Bishop Retention system
Chapter 11: The future move
Chapter 12: A fascinating gambit
Chapter 13: The Classical 3
Chapter 14: White takes the C5
Chapter 15: Strong 4e.4
Chapter 16: Attempt at revival
Chapter 17: Early divergences
Chapter 18: Queen retreat
Chapter 19: Minor White moves
Chapter 20: Fianchetto 7

The retro training is the last part of the book.

Several studies have conducted on chess, and it was found that chess helps in developing concentration and various skills in adults and children. It may be difficult at the initial stage but as you practice and practice you will find the game simple. When you go through such popular chess books, you will automatically feel crazy towards chess game. The strategies help in improving the thinking and learning abilities and also helps in improved planning and thinking skills.

If you are curious to master the game, ensure to read the grandmaster Alexei Bezgodov’s chess book. It is structured in a simple and understandable way. It is suitable for experienced players and budding players.