Mastering Chess Game is simple with Alexander Panchenko’s Guide

Chess is a popular and highly played game all around the world. It is the oldest board game. It consists of two sets of sixteen pieces that include eight pawns, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, one king and one queen. People who enjoy playing chess will never feel satisfied until they win the game. It is almost a mind game where you have to work with your analytical and cognitive skills to defeat the opponent. It is a popular board game around the world. It is competitive too.

Millions of chess players play with real spirit and competitive mood to defeat their opponent. There are several chess tournaments organized to promote the game.

Nowadays, the chess game can also be played online. You can play using your computer and against people from any part of the world. If you are a starter or experienced chess player, you have to make use of Alexander Panchenko’s chess book – ‘Mastering Chess Middlegames – Lectures from the all-Russian School of grandmasters’.

Alexander Panchenko is a grandmaster in a chess game. He is said to be famous chess trainers in Russia or the Soviet Union. He has turned numerous students into legendary chess players in this school.

Alexander Panchenko has revealed the secret of chess games and tactics to win in an exclusive book. As a teacher, he was an enthusiastic and dedicated person. He provided excellent training materials to train his students. His book Mastering Chess Middlegames is available in stores; you can even purchase leading online stores. It is sure the book will help a starter or beginner to excel the game in quick time.

He has dedicated the book to the chess club players throughout the world. You can make use of his creative training method to master the chess game. It is available in translation.

The Russian grandmaster Alexander Panchenko was born on October 5, 1953. He is the respected coach for the Russian Federation. He is one among the founders of Chelyabinsk disparity in the Sicilian resistance. He discontinued playing chess because of his poor health condition. But still he managed to administer a famous school and remain as a leader. He has made several students top players of Chess.

Some of his students renowned all over the world are World Championship finalist under women’s category – Alisa Galliamova and several grandmaster to mention.

In his book, he has explained on several concepts that involve in the chess game. He has explained clearly about the prominent middleman topics in brief in his book.


The book consists of twelve chapters. Most chapters in the book focus on different middleman situations. It is the reason he has given the title for his book ‘Mastering Chess Middlegames’. It is an amazing volume that you can even recommend for other chess players or friends who play chess. The hard working and ambitious players can use the book and work well in a great way. It is the best book for trainers. The twelfth chapter has some sample games and conclusions. The eleven chapters are divided into two parts. One category describes set of positions and remains as a didactic section.

The other category comprises of positions and exercises to play for the learners. The majority of chapters have both positions and exercises to play. It will take some time to read completely through the book. But it is sure it will remain as a great work if you are a passionate or ambitious player.

The twelve chapters in the book are as follows;

Chapter 1: The bout on the King
Chapter 2: Defense
Chapter 3: Counterplay
Chapter 4: Prophylaxis
Chapter 5: Realizing an advantage
Chapter 6: Equal positions
Chapter 7: The battle between the major pieces

Chapter 8: Minor pieces contrary to the rook
Chapter 9: Opposite colored bishops and several pieces on chess board
Chapter 10: Same colored bishops
Chapter 11: Knight versus Bishop
Chapter 12: Endings and sample games

Alexander Panchenko’s brilliance and cleverness are seen throughout the book. It is difficult to provide better advice to determined chess players but Alexander Panchenko as handled the task in an easy manner through his chess school and publications. Most people master the chess game by following the tested and tried methods. Such instructive road will lead to a successful path.