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Check out Victor Bologan’s Book

Most people trying to play the chess game for the first time will lose the game. They may feel discourage and end up stopping to play. Only some take as a motivating and boosting factor and start to explore the game. Chess is a game that requires a lot of practice and patience. As you play and play, you will be able to learn better tricks and tactics. Apart from practicing, you can also read books written by famous chess players. It will help you in exploring the game from the expert’s angle. If possible, you can also apply the tactics in your way to winning the game. Guess, this news should be interesting if you have not purchased chess book to date.

There is numerous chess book available for starters and experienced players. There are several benefits you can enjoy as you read the book. You will learn minute strategies and techniques which no one has thought you. It will help you to become an expert in the game. Most chess teachers ensure to write the book in such a way it helps the passionate chess players. It is best to learn the tactics instead of approaching a teacher or coach.

Secondly, the book comes with numerous tests for the readers. They can typically play and try to apply the statics they come across. It provides experience to the players when they execute the strategies. You will learn how to respond and deal a particular situation when you take up complex games. One of the chess books you should not miss is Victor Bologan’s edition – Ruy Lopez for Black. Before looking the book contents, let us discuss Victor Bologan briefly.

Victor Bologan is born December 14, 1971. He is renowned as a Moldovan chess grandmaster. He has played excellent against famous players like Peter Leko, Vishwanathan Anand, and Vladamir Kramnik. In the year 2003, he got the Dortmund Sparkassen ahead of some of the best players in the world.

Victor Bologan started to write chess books in the year 2007. Some of his chess editions are Selected games 1985 to 2004, According to Bologan The Chebanenko Slav, According to Bologan – The King’s Indian, The Rossolimo Sicilian and much more. His books are also available in the form of DVD’s.

The latest book by Victor Bologan is Ruy Lopez for Black. It is available in The English language. It remains as a popular book among top players as well as club level players. Victor Bologan has presented a cutting edge report for Black in this book.

There are some helpful devices in the book. They are as follows;
Numerous practical tips
2200 games presented and referenced in a distinct index
Tricks and traps that are visually marked
Clear explanation of the tactical motifs
The fast lane report
The strategic ideas that explain important themes and much more.

Victor Bologan has taken this book to a next level. It will remain valuable for the present generation and next generation chess players. The book is easily available in online stores at a reasonable price. Do not miss to check out this book if you want to explore the next phase of a chess game.